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01.04.2012, 02:08 ::
Hello ! what a great article about Warsaw ! Everything is so good shown here about Warsaw and I also like the puetircs . Yeah, these benches were installed to celebrate the 200 anniversary of Chopin's birth as we had the whole 2010 as a Chopin's year . I guess many people from Japan were coming to Poland that year as Japaneese people like His muscic . As a Warsaw citizen I also like the Złote Tarasy and the nice climate, which is quite unique for such places ! I met there some friends a few times, so maybe this is the another reason I like this center. As far as I know there is also located a Polish cosmetics company called Inglot, that is as well in Finland what I found out recently ! What's more Polish Airlines opened there an office where everyone can not only buy a ticket, but also check-in, buy products with the airline logos and even be taken to the airport with the airlines bus but only when flying with them. I wonder if Finnair has such office as well, maybe it could be an idea ? I love so much to go to The Old Town and Lasinsky Park and it is exactly the best time to see them when it is a little bit warmer, so yeah Mirva another reason to come to Warsaw also to see many other interesting places !!! Francoise rather book some nights for your stay in Warsaw, cause a few hours won't be enough ! You are all welcome !Greetings !Jacek

08.09.2010, 14:58 ::
Wyczesane są te foty Faqu :)